About the Artist

May 2014 750Background and Work: 

A life-long artist practicing my art across many mediums (oils, acrylics, watercolor, fabrics, mosaics) I was introduced to silk painting in 2009, and have made it my passion and life’s work. I live and work on Cape Ann, Massachusetts where I paint principally as a member of Ten Pound Studio, Gloucester MA, a dynamic studio dedicated to Silk Paining techniques.

My work is currently exhibited or sold at various locations and shows on Cape Ann and in Boston. The bulk of my work is wearable arts, but I also produce wall pieces and have been featured artist at restaurants and other locales.  My subject matter is diverse, including florals, portraits, landscapes and abstracts, but much of my work are accurate paintings of actual locations in space, inspired by fantastic photos from the Hubble Telescope.  This is the subject matter of much of my recent work and has become what I am most known for. I work in large-scale, and my pieces are fitted with temporary closures and decorative pins to form elegant evening jackets which, between wearings, can be opened fully to be hung on walls. I produce paintings, shawls, fashion tops, dresses and elegant evening jackets.

Artist Statement

Since childhood I have never stop creating because of the sense of connection and wholeness it provides. My drive to work as an artist was always to get to a place of depth and transcendence that I could reach through my art experience. But there were always the tedious “thinking” details of technique, choosing the subject, executing skills, and thinking about the outcome.

And then I met Silk, the ultimate artistic experience for me. I became as free as the dye’s liquidity as it meanders where it will, flowing across the silk, and becoming one with the silk. It is …in-the-moment…accepting what is…allowing the flow…go where it goes…freeing up from the outcome.

I love this most unpredictable art form. Every piece is an experience that only gets better by letting the piece lead me as it creates itself.   So I paint now to experience that freedom, to be “inspired” – in spirit – transcendent – to reach a place that I never thought imaginable and to create works that will make others feel that beauty as they wrap themselves in my silks.  Nothing is more fulfilling than to see a person wrap themselves in one of my pieces and feel what is there in the softness, vibrancy, and beauty of something I created in that place I love to go.


I love delving into the Hubble Telescope images, or deep into the sea, or into the subtle things conveyed by nature and our relations with one another. In other words, everything above us and everything below us, but not much in this plane except subtle things that we might not notice.May 2014 805

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