Chris artist photo adj Thank you for visiting my website.  I am Christine Gauthier-Kelley, a silk artist working from Ten Pound Studio in Gloucester MA and residing in Manchester-by-the Sea.  I am a life-long artist, passionately pursuing this amazing art form since 2009.  My silk designs, silk paintings, elegant jackets, silk shawls and silk clothing combine elements of design and technique garnered while pursuing multiple art forms over the years.

I hope visiting my Gallery brings you the feelings I hope to convey – beauty, peace, joy, happiness.  My clients tell me they feel beautiful and special when wearing my pieces.  All work is original and one-of-a kind.  Please send me your comments, or contact me if you are interested in work for sale or commissioned.  I will enjoy hearing from you.  Enjoy!

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  1. How am I not surprised…I’d like to get something for my mum…you pick, I’ll buy.

    Mike Manning

  2. Wow Chris these paintings and the wearables are beautiful. I would love to go to your Gallery some time and see them in person

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